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Making Tables & Links Accessible in PowerPoint

a laptop screen having tables and charts

Tables & Links are often ignored when making Microsoft PowerPoint Accessible. But it is important to ensure that people with disabilities have equal access to all the information.  

Let’s discuss how each of us can ensure that the PowerPoint presentations we create are accessible right at the start.  


It is necessary to check whether tables are used to represent tabular data and not for layout purpose. Make sure to define header rows in the table properties. 

Following are steps to identify the headers in the table 

  1. Select Table, Table Tool option becomes visible 
  1. Select “Design” tab 
  1. Tick mark the checkbox of “Header Row”  

It’s really as simple as that. Ensuring we mark the row as a header informs the screen reader user that this is the associated heading.  

Image displaying how to mark headers


What happens if the link text on the slide does not provide the information? You will be left confused. So, ensure that the link text present in the PowerPoint presentation are descriptive and accurate such that they provide information about the destination page they point to. This helps reader to confirm navigation to the page. 

Again, let’s understand how links are experienced. Would you prefer to have a link like or Education web page as the link text. Adding the descriptive link text makes it easy for a person to understand what the link is for and obviously, it is a link, so when they click on it, they will be taken to the relevant URL.  

So get into the habit of ensuring that whenever you make a PowerPoint presentation you ensure that the tables & links are accessible.  
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