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Making the Web Inclusive One Accessible Document at a Time

Content is now digital but are the PDF and other digital documents accessible?

Our Story

If we just look around, everything is now available online and often as a downloadable document. Whether it is the user manual of the mobile phone you just bought, that textbook you wanted to study for your economics course, the bank statement that you received, or then a Student Enrollment form at a University.

Today digital documents have replaced paper! The key word to focus on is replaced, so now we need to ensure that each of these digital documents & forms can be read, searched, completed independently by everyone!

As much as the focus for our parent company BarrierBreak was to make the web an inclusive and accessible place for all, the gap of digital documents being accessible just kept getting wider. We couldn’t see how we could solve the problem of the web and ignore the documents!

So in 2015, 247 Accessible Documents was born, to focus on the small problem of making documents accessible. Today, we support 300+ customers to meet their PDF accessibility needs.

Our Focus

  • Reducing the challenges and providing a solution to make PDF, PPT, Office documents accessible
  • Assuring customers that these documents meet the accessibility standards by going beyond the checklist and testing with screen readers users
  • Building inclusion by providing equal access to information

Our Aim

  • It's quite simple, let’s make document accessibility easy for organizations to achieve, one accessible document at a time!

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Standards are key to providing equal access that is why 247 Accessible Documents is a member of PDF Association. Time to make all documents accessible. We support PDF/UA & Web Content Accessibility Guideline WCAG 2.0 & 2.2 by W3C.

Our Team

Shilpi Kapoor


Shashank Kapur

Director, Strategy & Growth

Why Our Clients Rely On Us?

Excellent! Every interaction is great. Whenever we reach out to the support team they are incredibly responsive and very friendly. Just a great organization to partner with on such important work.

- Essentia Health

Absolutely delightful! I am continuously impressed that each project is treated with the same care and concern, no matter how small or large. I like having the comfort of knowing that each time I use 247 services I will be getting a quality result and value from the engagement.

- Ilumino