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Referral Partner

Promote document accessibility while earning a referral fee.

Whether you are an Accessibility consultant, D&I Consultant, or Marketing consultant, earn a referral fee by recommending 247 Accessible Documents to your customers in the global marketplace. Join the Referral Document Accessibility Partner Program.

Be the change, recommend accessible documents for all!

Reseller Partner

Expand your current portfolio of offerings to include accessibility by becoming our reseller.

The Reseller Document Accessibility Partner Program supports creative agencies, design agencies, and publishing solution providers. Seamlessly integrate accessibility in the marketing collateral & reports you design for your customer.

Upsell document accessibility and support your customers to be inclusive and meet accessibility compliances.

What Happens When You Partner with 247 Accessible Documents?

247 Accessible Documents has expertise in accessibility standards and guidelines such as Section 508, WCAG 2.0 & 2.2, PDF/UA, HHS, ADA. We take away the challenges of remediating documents for you and your customers.

Accessibility Experts

Get access to experienced Document Accessibility Professionals who have made 4 million+ documents accessible.

Earn Revenue Share

Grow your business by adding Accessibility as an additional revenue stream.

Partner Backing

Dedicated partner and support team that helps you grow for a profitable relationship.

Build Inclusion

Be the change and promote inclusion one document or presentation at a time.

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