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247 Accessible Document focuses on Simplifying Document Accessibility.

It is a step towards reliable and cost-effective document remediation services for people with disabilities.

We provide a quick, easy-to-use and cost-effective solution to remediating PDF files, Word files as well as PDF and Word forms. In addition, we have significant experience with MathML, Image Description, PPT and handling OCR conversion requirements.

We have simplified the process of making documents accessible, with expertise in accessibility standards and guidelines such as Section 508, WCAG 2.0/2.1, PDF U/A, and others.

Accessible PDF

Top 5 Common PDF Accessibility Errors

PDF is one of the most widely used format to present information on the web. PDFs are used to publish brochures, product user manuals, student text books, bank statements, annual reports, application forms, company policies, utility bills etc.Being such a widely used file format for publishing information, one might think PDFs are capable of making […]

Image Description

Writing image descriptions for graphs

Having completed my post-graduation and money filling my pocket, one day I remember sitting down and talking about stock markets to my friend who is visually impaired. Browsing through various websites and trying to understand the graphs and then explaining it to my friend, it occurred to me how often we take graphs for granted. […]

Accessible PowerPoint

Making Tables & Links Accessible in PowerPoint

Tables & Links are often ignored when making Microsoft PowerPoint Accessible. But it is important to ensure that people with disabilities have equal access to all the information.   Let’s discuss how each of us can ensure that the PowerPoint presentations we create are accessible right at the start.   Tables  It is necessary to check whether […]

Accessibility Events

247 accessible documents at ATA 59, NOLA

The 247 accessible documents team is excited to attend the 59th Annual Conference of American Translators Association event at New Orleans, Louisiana from 24th – 27th October. Today, translation of documents is a big business but providing these translated documents that is accessible to people with disability is an added advantage. In addition, you also […]

Accessibility Events

247 Accessible Documents at the 2018 Interagency Accessibility Forum (IAAF)

The 247 Accessible Documents team is all geared up to attend the 2018 Inter – Agency Accessibility Forum at the General Services Administration (GSA) Conference Centre on Tuesday, October 9. The Forum will include exhibits from IT companies and accessibility services providers, who will display how their products and services support those with disabilities. Today digital […]

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Educators and Accessible Curriculum – PDF, Word or PowerPoint

I’m sitting at ATIA 2017 (#ATIA17) and am inspired to see so many special educators. The impact that a special educator has on the lives of students with disabilities is tremendous. We were just having a team conversation on what is it to provide inclusion! For us inclusion is providing the same access to students […]