3 Strategies how Universities can extend their Disability Support Teams

a classroom with a student in a wheelchair - Accessible Etext services


As the term starts and as Universities cope with balancing safety requirements and delivering on the education, students with disabilities are going to be impacted. 


The Disability Support Team will have to be there to support the students as so many things are changing. So how do we ensure that the team can be effective and deliver on the solutions. 


  1. Ensure the Disability Support Team is available to support the students to navigate through all the changes. This is often disorienting for the students until they understand where and how they can get the needed support.  

    The Disability Support Team should be driving this communication at this time.

  2. Identify areas that external resources can support  which are time consuming. This will give relief to your team so that they can focus on supporting students. 

    Providing accessible E-texts, Creating accessible textbooks, image descriptions, captioning can be easily outsourced so the Disability Support Team can support on the core areas.

  3. Find strategic partners who can support while providing quality and cost effective solutions along with the flexibility based on the students requests. 


At 247 Accessible Documents, we support your Disability Support teams by providing Accessible E-Text services.  


  • Textbooks - looking to convert textbooks as accessible PDFs, Epub or in Microsoft Word, we can support you. 
  • Learning Material - are the presentations used in the online learning accessible so students can refer to them 


Don’t wait, setup a meeting with our team to know more so we can be an extended team that can continue to excel at support students with disabilities at your university. 

By Shilpi Kapoor

A serial entrepreneur with a passion for technology and disability. Looking for ways to make digital accessibility a priority! With 20+ years of experience, focusing on implementing accessibility at scale for our customers.

As much as I wear the hat of the founder of BarrierBreak, 247 Accessible Documents & Newz Hook, I am on the Board of Directors of a G3ICT, a non-profit advocating & promoting digital accessibility globally as per the UNCRPD.