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Office Documents Accessibility

Office documents are of great importance in various professional and educational settings. Word and Excel documents provide a platform for organizing and presenting data in a structured and visually appealing manner, facilitating effective decision-making, analysis, reporting etc. They are integral to modern-day work processes and are essential tools for effective communication, documentation, and information management.

Accessibility options and best practices are available to ensure that Office Documents are accessible to people with disabilities using screen readers and assistive technology. It’s often not knowing about these features that these documents are then not accessible to people with disabilities.

We use Office Documents to create:

  • User Manual
  • Resume
  • Training Manuals
  • Application Forms
  • Textbooks
  • Annual Reports
  • Marketing Brochures
  • Proposals
  • Newsletters
  • Accounting & Taxations

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How do we make Office Documents accessible?

They key to providing an accessible Office Documents is to ensure that the content is formatted correctly and to ensure that the accessibility options are implemented. An assistive technology or a screen reader user might be able to read a normal Word or Excel Document. But ensuring that we meet the accessibility techniques in Office Documents ensures that the document is easily usable and accessible to people with disabilities.

Use the 247 Self Service Portal to upload your Word documents and receive accessible Word documents. Contact us if you have to make your Excel Spreadsheets accessible

What are the techniques to make Office Documents accessible?

Office Documents needs to be formatted to meet the accessibility standards. In addition, we may have to ensure that certain information is provided in addition to make the document accessible to assistive technology & screen readers. Some of the techniques that would be followed would be to:

  • Set the relevant Heading
  • Mark the language of the document & the content
  • Set the correct reading order
  • Mark the lists
  • Set the column and row headers for simple & complex tables
  • Set the bookmarks
  • Correct the colour contrast for textual content (optional)

In addition to these techniques, 247 Accessible Documents also:

  • Writes the Image Descriptions
  • Ensure that Math content & Equations are accessible using MathML

What standards do we comply with for Accessible Office Documents?

We work with the Web Content Accessibility Guideline (WCAG) 2.0 & 2.2 and implement the Accessibility best practices to make Office Documents accessible. Meeting these accessibility standards for Office Documents ensures that we comply to the requirements as per HHS, ADA, AODA & Section 508.

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