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Use the 247 Portal to upload any PDF, Word or PowerPoint file and receive accessible documents.

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Managed Document Remediation Services

Our account manager can understand your needs and setup a customised offering for your organization.

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What we do

247 Accessible Documents PDF & document remediation service supports our customers by ensuring that documents are compliant & accessible to all. Upload a Document and receive an Accessible PDF, Accessible PDF Form, Accessible Word Document, Accessible Excel Spreadsheet or an Accessible PowerPoint that meets Accessibility Standards & Guidelines. Get PDF, PDF Forms & documents remediated & tested for accessibility by screen reader users.

Reliable & cost effective Accessible PDF Remediation Service to assist you to ensure PDF documents on your websites are accessible. We help you convert your PDFs to conform to PDF/UA 1.0, WCAG 2.0, HHS, Section 508 & ADA.

Fixed Price Accessible PDF Forms Remediation Service to ensure that people with disabilities can also fill up the forms independently. We provide Section 508 conversion services that ensure all your documents are tested by native screen reader users using assistive technology.

Accurate & Fast Turnaround for Microsoft Word Document Remediation Solutions to assist your organization to meet document accessibility compliance. We ensure that Word documents are remediatied to meet the accessibility guidelines and can be accessed by people with disabilities using assistive technology. 

Ensuring Accessibility of Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets to ensure that your employees or customers have equal access. Our accessible Microsoft Excel remediation services ensures that your documents meet the accessibility standards & guidelines. Your documents are tested by native screen reader users to ensure accuracy.

Cost-Effective and Accurate accessible PowerPoint Document Remediation Solutions for all your presentations. Our Section 508 conversion services ensures that whether it is a product presentation or a training deck, they are accessible to your customers or your employees using assistive technologies.

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