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Remediate & Test Documents to Meet Section 508 & ADA Compliance.

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247 Portal - Self Service

The 247 Portal is a versatile platform that offers cost-effective solutions for accessible document remediation.

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Accessible Documents – Your Way

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What We Do?

The 247 Portal provides valuable support by ensuring document compliance and accessibility of your documents. Simply upload your document and receive an Accessible PDF, Accessible PPT or Accessible Office Documents that meet industry standards and guidelines. Get accessible documents that are fully compliant and tested by native screen reader users.

Accessible PDF

PDF Documents are tested by native screen reader users, and are converted to conform to WCAG 2.0 & 2.1, and are PDF/UA 1.0, HHS, Section 508 & ADA compliant.

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Accessible PDF Forms

Our Section 508 PDF conversion experts ensure that your PDF forms meet accessibility guidelines to ensure a seamless user experience for all.

Accessible Office Documents

Accessible document remediation ensuring Word, Excel files are fully aligned with accessibility guidelines, unlocking their potential to reach a wider audience.

Accessible Indesign

With proper structure and navigation, we ensure that your InDesign documents are meticulously crafted, enabling equal access to information.

Accessible PPT

We optimize slides for screen readers, add alt text to images and implement other accessibility measures ensuring that your PPTs are accessible to all.

Let's together make documents accessible to all!

247 Accessible Documents works with organizations across the globe, all unique but with common document accessibility challenges and goals.

Why Our Clients Rely On Us?

Excellent! Every interaction is great. Whenever we reach out to the support team they are incredibly responsive and very friendly. Just a great organization to partner with on such important work.

- Essentia Health

Absolutely delightful! I am continuously impressed that each project is treated with the same care and concern, no matter how small or large. I like having the comfort of knowing that each time I use 247 services I will be getting a quality result and value from the engagement.

- Ilumino