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Creating an equitable learning environment for everyone

It's a fact that 60% of disabled students are not able to access university forms, brochures, flyers, infographics, and reports due to lack of accessibility. As universities strive to make their campuses more inclusive and accessible for students with disabilities, one of the most important steps is to ensure that all regardless of whether your document is in HTML, Word, PDF, or any other format, are fully accessible.

The PDF Accessibility team at 247 Accessible Documents assists the disability support service team in universities and educational institutions in providing accessible learning materials, forms, brochures, journals, flyers, reports, and marketing collaterals ensuring that the information is made available to all including people with disabilities.

We work closely with Disability Support Service team, managers & directors to create an accessibility roadmap.

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Our PDF Accessibility team works closely with the Disability Support Service team, Disability Resource Managers, Digital Accessibility Coordinators, Directors, and CIOs at universities and assists you to ensure that all the educational documents and marketing collaterals are accessible and deliver:
In addition, at 247 Accessible Documents, we also write the Image Description, work STEM content and support MathML.

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How we support Universities & Educational Institutions?

Our PDF Accessibility team works closely in providing learners as well as educators with a disability access to textbooks, learning materials, brochures, forms, and information in an accessible format.

The E-text team works with disability support service team of higher educational institutes and universities across the globe. We support to meet IDEA, AODA, Section 508, Section 504, ADA, and WCAG 2.0.

Whether you are a single person or work with a dedicated team of professionals, we can support you to provide accessible documents and PDF forms with a quick turnaround .

Why Accessible Documents at Universities Matters?

Making university information accessible is a vital part of continuing education. By providing students with brochures, flyers, guidebooks, PDFs, application forms and reports in an easy to access format, universities can make sure that their students have the information they need to make informed decisions.

  • Supports students & educators with a disability using various assistive technology products with accessible books and curriculum.Support Disability Support Service teams and Special Educators to provide accessible textbooks to students with disabilities.
  • Meet your compliance as per IDEA, AODA, ADA, Section 508, Section 504 and conform to WCAG 2.0.
  • Ensure that the student's application brochures and PDF forms are accessible.
  • Provide STEM books and learning materials to ensure equal access to students with disabilities.

Use the 247 Self Service Portal to upload your documents and receive accessible documents or contact our account manager for Managed Document Remediation Services to set up a customized offering.

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