Final Department of Justice Rule on Accessibility Impacts K-12 Computer Science Education

On April 24, 2024, the United States Department of Justice issued a new regulation called the “Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Disability; Accessibility of Web Information and Services of State and Local Government Entities.” Considering that teaching computer science uses websites and applications heavily, this regulation will have a large impact on K-12 CS education.


Accessible Stock Ticker Released by BarrierBreak

When you are trading in stocks the most important piece of information is the stock price. Based on the price, you’ll decide to either sell it, hold on or even buy more stocks. Most financial sites use dynamically updating tickers these days to display stock prices.

Question is, are these stock tickers accessible? Sadly, the answer is No!

The solution is that an Accessible Stock Ticker is needed to overcome the hurdle of dynamically updating stock prices. It is now made available on GitHub for anyone and everyone to use!

Major New Global Partnership Aims to Transform the Lives of Students with Disabilities

A new partnership between education experts in Indonesia and the UK could transform lives by changing perceptions of disability. Researchers in both countries have joined together to explore how attitudes impact on disabled students’ access to support and their time in higher education. They hope this will lead to improved support being available.

Inside a School That Doesn’t Single Out Students With Special Needs

When students walk into Ruby Bridges Elementary School to start their day, nobody is pulled aside or separated from their peers to receive special instruction. There’s no need! Everything at the school—from the seating to staffing—was designed to ensure students with disabilities can learn alongside their peers.


Top 5 Common PDF Accessibility Errors

Being such a widely used file format for publishing information, one might think PDFs are capable of making the information available to a large number of users. However, people with disabilities are often excluded from getting access to the information as these documents are not necessarily authored keeping accessibility in mind. Look at the top 5 common accessibility issues faced by people with disabilities while accessing a PDF file.

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