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So many organizations worldwide have shown their commitment to disability inclusion. The work by amazing organizations like Disability:IN and The Valuable 500 have surely put inclusion of people with disabilities at the forefront of the conversation.  

Employment of people with disabilities is a priority for numerous organizations with C-level executives sponsoring the initiatives. Disability Inclusion has finally received the visibility It deserves wherein it has become a focus area for HR Teams.  

But one of the first things HR teams need to ensure is that the on-boarding documents are accessible.  

Types of HR Onboarding Documents: 

  1. Offer Letter - First impressions are important. As an HR professional, you understand the importance of the offer letter. An offer letter provides key terms of the prospective employee's employment. So, ensure you make this accessible! 
  2.  Employment Contracts - Yes, it is critical that people with disabilities can also access the employee contract. At the end of the day, they are going to be signing a legally binding agreement. So, don't overlook this! 
  3.  Employee Handbook - It is an important communication tool which provides insights on the organizations mission, vision, values, policies & procedures. Every employee should be able to access the handbook. Ensuring the employee handbook is accessible, would let people with disabilities also get the same communication as any other employee.  
  4.  Employee Compensation Documents - If you provide a separate document for compensation, remember to make it accessible. Everyone wants to know about the salary and their benefits.
  5.  Policies - Most companies have numerous policies from leave policies, to policies on sexual harassment. It is important that employees with disabilities can also read the policies.

So many of these documents are confidential to the person like the offer letter, contracts or the compensation information. If these documents aren't made accessible, employees with disabilities start of on the back-foot vis-a-vis other employees! 

Ensuring HR Onboarding documents are accessible is the perfect place to start as your organization continues to employ people with disabilities and create an inclusive culture.  

At 247 Accessible Documents we can support your HR department to ensure that your documents are accessible irrespective of whether you use PDF, Word, PowerPoint or Excel. So don't wait, schedule a meeting to discuss how to ensure your HR documents are inclusive & accessible.  

By Shilpi Kapoor

A serial entrepreneur with a passion for technology and disability. Looking for ways to make digital accessibility a priority! With 20+ years of experience, focusing on implementing accessibility at scale for our customers.

As much as I wear the hat of the founder of BarrierBreak, 247 Accessible Documents & Newz Hook, I am on the Board of Directors of a G3ICT, a non-profit advocating & promoting digital accessibility globally as per the UNCRPD.