Author: Shilpi Kapoor

A serial entrepreneur with a passion for technology and disability. Looking for ways to make digital accessibility a priority! With 20+ years of experience, focusing on implementing accessibility at scale for our customers.

As much as I wear the hat of the founder of BarrierBreak, 247 Accessible Documents & Newz Hook, I am on the Board of Directors of a G3ICT, a non-profit advocating & promoting digital accessibility globally as per the UNCRPD.

Inclusive Hiring

5 HR Documents that need to be Accessible to employees with a disability

So many organizations worldwide have shown their commitment to disability inclusion. The work by amazing organizations like Disability:IN and The Valuable 500 have surely put inclusion of people with disabilities at the forefront of the conversation.   Employment of people with disabilities is a priority for numerous organizations with C-level executives sponsoring the initiatives. Disability Inclusion has finally received the […]


3 Strategies how Universities can extend their Disability Support Teams

As the term starts and as Universities cope with balancing safety requirements and delivering on the education, students with disabilities are going to be impacted.  The Disability Support Team will have to be there to support the students as so many things are changing. So how do we ensure that the team can be effective […]