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3 reasons why Universities need to make marketing brochures accessible

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What is the first marketing communication that you look for while learning about a university online?

That’s right, it is the marketing brochure!

University marketing brochures are a great way to get an overview of the university and all that it has to offer. They can be a valuable resource for students and universities have always relied on marketing brochures to attract prospective students.

And, in the digital age, where potential students can access information about universities online, it is more important than ever for universities to produce attractive and effective marketing brochures.

The E-text team at 247 Accessible Documents assist universities and educational institutes in providing access to E-texts including text books, learning materials, marketing brochures, journals and other information in an accessible format.

PDF files, MS Word documents and PowerPoint are all popular tools used when designing a marketing brochure by universities.

Marketing brochures, if inaccessible to students with disabilities, can prevent them from accessing essential information. Inaccessible brochures can also lead to legal trouble for businesses, as they can be in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act. These files need to in an accessible format, or content must be provided to students/parents in an alternative format.

3 reasons why marketing brochures should be made accessible by universities

Universities must create an accessible marketing brochure to ensure that potential and current students with disabilities are aware of the services and accommodations available to them. The brochure is also used to promote university accessibility initiatives to the general public.

A well-designed marketing brochure can help to increase awareness of these universities and their accessibility options, as well as encourage more students with disabilities to attend these universities.

  • Increased Reach:

An accessible marketing brochure will help you reach a larger audience and potential students with disabilities.

  • Improved Engagement:

Making your marketing brochure accessible will also help to improve engagement with your brand. Students with disabilities are just as likely to be interested in your university as anyone else, so it’s important to make sure they can access all the information they need.

  • Mitigate Risk of Accessibility Lawsuits:

Making your universities marketing brochure accessible is one of the best ways to mitigate any legal action that may come your way. In addition to complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), making your communications available in different formats will help protect you from potential lawsuits.

Key elements to keep in mind when creating an accessible marketing brochure

  • Plan your marketing brochure and try to incorporate accessibility from the beginning.
  • Use clear, concise language with proper page titles and headings.
  • Ensure color is not the sole means of conveying critical information.
  • Make sure all images and graphics are accessible. Check out this blog on 5 Tips for writing effective Alternative Text for Images.
  • Provide transcripts for audio clips and captions for video clips.
  • Highlight the unique services and accommodations your university offers.
  • Be sure to include contact information for questions or further information.

Your commitment towards providing accessible communication will set your university apart from others. Accessible marketing brochures makes it easy to access your university content and thus attract a wider audience.  

At 247 Accessible Documents we can support you to ensure that your marketing collaterals are accessible irrespective of whether you use PDF, Word, PowerPoint or Excel. So don’t wait, schedule a meeting to discuss how to ensure your marketing collaterals are inclusive & accessible.   

By Ramya Venkitesh

Head - Accessibility New Initiatives, Actively involved in formulating new ideas to create Innovative Accessible Solutions across all Disabilities.