Author: Ramya Venkitesh

Head - Accessibility New Initiatives, Actively involved in formulating new ideas to create Innovative Accessible Solutions across all Disabilities.

Accessible PowerPoint

3 simple things to do to make your PowerPoint Presentations Accessible

Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the most used tools to create presentations for different business requirements. Various meetings and conferences are conducted using these presentations. The information through PowerPoint is conveyed in the form of text, images, graphics, tables and charts. Looking at today’s requirement where people are globally connected, these presentations need to be […]

Accessible PDF Education Healthcare Publisher Technology

3 Resources for Creating Accessible PDFs

PDF is one of the most widely used format to share information on the web. Corporates, Government organizations, educational institutes share information in the form of annual reports, books, brochures, publications or even user manuals on the web as PDF files. The question that often gets asked is that are PDFs accessible to people with […]

Accessible Word

Accessible Word Document Checklist

Accessible word documents are easier to edit and navigate and thus ensures their reach to a wide range of users. Planning and structuring your document correctly from the start, will maximize the accessibility of your document and also helps retaining the accessibility features while being converted into different alternate formats such as PDF. At 247 Accessible […]

Image Description

5 Tips for writing effective Alternative Text for Images

So, you’ve done everything to make your documents accessible! And now, you’re tying up loose ends and are faced with the innocuous task of having to write and review alternative text. Creating alternative text is not an uphill task, but you would want to make sure your entire audience is given the clearest idea of […]


EdTech can Advance Learning for Students with Disabilities by Implementing Accessibility

Digital learning enables leadership teams and other leaders such as teachers, districts and schools to form, respond and sustain education in a digital environment. Digitized learning technologies with advanced accessibility features can make it easier for students with disabilities to learn at the same level as their peers in traditional classrooms.  Trivia Time!  In 2019-20, […]

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Why Digital Agencies Need to Care About Accessibility

  Digital Agencies today need to be keenly attuned to what their solutions are and how their services can be perceived by their customers and stakeholders — but they’ll be hard-pressed to do so if they don’t consider accessibility and inclusion.   Accessibility is the practice of designing experiences for people with visual, linguistic, auditory, […]

Image Description

Top 5 Resources to help you write better Image Descriptions

80% of our learning comes from seeing and at 247 Accessible Documents, we believe image description is a basic requirement of making documents accessible. Without alternate text or image descriptions people with disabilities would not have the same access to images as you and me. In a blog post by my colleague Leander Rodrigues, he […]


Digital Publishing – Accessibility Issues in DRM

Accessibility issues with DRM are not new but the issue becomes more noticeable when publishers start using DRM on eBooks. People who are blind or visually impaired will not be able to read an eBook if it has a DRM protection. There is no workaround for them as they depend on screen readers that need […]