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What Is PDF Remediation?

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PDF Remediation is the process of fixing accessibility errors and rendering the file accessible. It ensures people with disabilities using screen reader, speech to text technology or braille displayer get equal access. Providing Accessible PDFs is now a requirement as per the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Section 508 & AODA. 

Our highly skilled team at 247 Accessible Documents makes sure your PDF and other documents are made accessible and comply to ADA and Section 508. 

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To provide an equal experience for users with disabilities, you should develop your digital content barrier-free. You must pay attention to the documents you attach to your website whether you are a financial institution, healthcare organization, educational institution, government organization or any other organization that needs to provide accessible websites. 

In addition to accessible HTML content, the accessibility of PDF documents plays a crucial role in the overall accessibility of your website. It allows users to view the important information you provide on your website. These documents must be accessible and comply with Section 508 and conform to WCAG 2.0 and other accessibility standards. 

PDF & Accessibility 

Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF) is the most popular method of publishing information online. It is not going to disappear any time soon and as more and more of our digital information is archived as PDF files it is more important than ever to ensure that the information contained in PDF files is accessible. 

The simplicity of creation and convenience have made PDFs the most productive electronic document type on the Internet. PDFs can be created and exported as documents in native format or as PDFs.

This enables a true representation of the design on many platforms with advanced features such as fillable forms. The structure of a PDF document is made available to visitors to the website, including those using screen readers and other supporting technologies. Accessible design elements include the document title, language definitions, alternative texts, images and document structure by means of headings, captions, page elements, tables and lists. 

Websites and PDFs must meet accessibility requirements to serve users who rely on supporting technologies. Our PDF remediation experts can work with your documents to address accessibility issues and ensure that inaccessible documents comply with Section 508 of the WCAG. 

How to Remediate PDF? 

The most efficient way to fix a PDF is to fix accessibility issues in the original source file. Fixing a PDF file makes it accessible and ADA compliant, with the goal of giving people with a perceived disability the same opportunities to access web content and get the same user experience.

This checklist shows how to repair your PDF:

  • If you do not have the original source file, you can convert the PDF into a Word document and edit the document into Word. For example, a document created in Word with many design elements probably gives the best results. 
  • The biggest advantage of PDF is to ensure that the document looks exactly the same online as it does in print. Another advantage of adding the right PDF tags is to improve the SEO of online documents by making such documents more useful to those who read them. 
  • Depending on certain settings, the list can be provided with paragraphs of text, but not with the actual list, just like any other document. The list must be tagged so that screen readers and users can navigate through the list. 
  • In PDF remediation, digital elements of a PDF document are tagged so that they can be read using supporting technologies. Tags provide a hierarchy that outlines how the document should be read, and they provide structure.
  • Tagging allows supporting technologies to identify the type of content in a PDF such as paragraphs, images, tables, etc. Tagging identifies elements and informs supporting technologies about the order in which they are to be read. The structure of PDF tags can be evaluated in Adobe Acrobat Pro via the tag panel Document Properties in the navigation area. 
  • Accessibility checkers such as Acrobat Pro are a good next step to evaluate your document. They will alert you to errors that can be detected by the computer, such as missing alt-text, but will not be able to assess things such as accuracy, ease of use, alt-text error or page viewing order. 

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