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Reliable and Cost-Effective Document Remediation Service

Making PDF, Word, PowerPoint documents accessible

Are you looking for an accessible document remediation service? We have been listening to our customers, who are tired of multiple questions, like:

  • What standard do you want to comply to?
  • How many pages do you want converted?
  • Are the documents simple or complex?
  • How many tables in the document? Are these simple or complex tables?
  • How many images need to be described?

At 247 Accessible Documents, we aim to simplify making documents accessible. With expertise in accessibility standards and guidelines such as WCAG 2.0, Section 508, ADA and AODA, we take away the challenges of remediating documents for our customers.

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On Demand Accessible Documents Made Easy

We provide a seamless on-demand offering, where we convert existing documents whether it is a PDF, Word or PowerPoint document and implement the accessibility guidelines.

  • Provide an end-to-end solution to meet the document accessibility compliance under Section 508, ADA and AODA
  • Convert Inaccessible Documents into Accessible Documents
  • Work on various file formats like PDF, Word, PowerPoint, PDF Forms, Word Forms
  • Write image descriptions
  • Test with Screen Reader Users

Just login to the website, upload a document, get an instant estimate with date of delivery and leave the rest to our team at 247 Accessible Documents.

We ensure that you receive an Accessible PDF, Accessible Word Document or an Accessible PowerPoint that are fully tested by people with disabilities and meet the accessibility standards and guidelines.

We simplify remediating accessible documents for you!

  • Planning Document Accessibility
  • PDF Accessibility
  • MS Word Accessibility
  • MS PowerPoint Accessibility
  • Image Description
  • MathML


G3ict relies on 247 Accessible Documents as its trusted advisor for its document accessibility needs: we like the professionalism, speed and creativity of its team when complex issues need to be resolved. And, knowing that two-third of 247 Accessible Documents dedicated employees are persons with disabilities gives us an additional motivation to support an organization which walks the talk!

Axel Leblois
President, G3ict