Accessible PowerPoint

3 simple things to do to make your PowerPoint Presentations Accessible

Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the most used tools to create presentations for different business requirements. Various meetings and conferences are conducted using these presentations. The information through PowerPoint is conveyed in the form of text, images, graphics, tables and charts. Looking at today’s requirement where people are globally connected, these presentations need to be […]

Accessible Word

Accessibility Checker – A Smart tool to review Word Documents for Accessibility!

Are you responsible to ensure that all documents your organization publishes are accessible? Today all organizations publish documents through different channels, such as website, email, intranets and even on the cloud. Organizations publish their documents in different file formats including Microsoft Word, Google docs, Adobe PDF, Open Office etc. Ensuring accessibility of the documents is […]

Accessible Documents Accessible PDF

PAC checker a nifty tool for testing PDF files for Accessibility

Do PDF documents have to be made Accessible? Yes Document Accessibility is pretty much a requirement just like Web Accessibility! PDF documents are today on the web for all sorts of information; marketing brochures, product documentations, utility bills, annual reports, taxation forms, student notes etc. Be it government organizations or private sector companies all of […]