MathML Services

MathML Services

Enabling and making math accessible to all

It is time to go beyond just text and image, what are we doing to make math content & equations accessible? One of the biggest challenges that people with disabilities are facing is access to content that includes maths & equations. Use of images to display math equations makes it impossible to read for a person using a screen reader or with visual impairment.

At 247 Accessible Documents, we work STEM content and ensure that Math equations are accessible. We support MathML in Microsoft Word & Microsoft PowerPoint solutions enabling that Math content is available in a readable, usable & accessible format. MathML is recommended by W3C for making maths accessible to people with visual impairment.

It doesn’t matter whether you have math content in:

  • Textbooks
  • Training Materials
  • Flyers

Our team with expertise in writing MathML expressions, ensure that people with visual impairment are able to interact with math content at all levels.

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How do we ensure that the Math equations are accurate?

At 247 Accessible Documents we take quality seriously. Our team checks the accuracy of Math equations by providing an extra layer of quality to ensure that we get this right. In addition, the team work closely with people with visual impairment to understand how well they understand the Math equations. For our team, people with disabilities are just not personas but individuals who they interact with and understand how they see the world.

Absolutely delightful! I am continuously impressed that each project is treated with the same care and concern, no matter how small or large. I like having the comfort of knowing that each time I use 247 services I will be getting a quality result and value from the engagement.

- Ilumino