Image Description Services

Image Description Services

Making images accessible with accurate and affordable solutions

Our Solution

Inclusion starts with providing equal access to content. Today, content goes beyond text and we see a large number of images that are used to make documents and presentations engaging. 80% of our learning comes from seeing, but what if you are unable to see the images.

At 247 Accessible Documents, when we remediate a document whether a PDF, Word, or a PowerPoint, we ensure that all the images are described or as some understand it alternate texts are available to ensure they are accessible and usable to people with disabilities, especially people using screen readers. Our services include providing accurate alt-texts to complex images that are STEM-related. 

We believe image description is a basic requirement of making documents accessible, since without alternate text or image descriptions people with disabilities would not have the same access as you and me.

Types of Documents:

  • User Manuals
  • Training Materials
  • Flyers
  • Marketing Brochures
  • Annual Reports
  • Product Demos
  • Corporate Presentations

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How do we write Image Descriptions?

AT 247 Accessible Documents, we have a team of content writers who specialize in writing image descriptions or alt-texts for all kind of images. These content writers work with visually impaired users on a daily basis who also check the quality of the descriptions. We go beyond an automated caption, we write descriptions to provide a complete picture to the person with disability that the image is communicating.

For our team of content writers, people with disabilities are just not personas but individuals who they interact with and understand how they see the world.

What type of content do we create Image Descriptions for?

We create image descriptions for all types of content. The subject matter expertise varies from:
  • Technology
  • STEM
  • Social Sciences
  • Business Content
  • Website Content
  • Graphs & Charts
  • Maps
  • Music

How do we ensure that the Image Descriptions or Alternate Text are accurate?

At 247 Accessible Documents we take quality seriously. Our content writers closely work with people with visual impairment and discuss the image descriptions to understand how well they understand the image.

Do we provide Image Descriptions services for documents we remediate or other projects too?

AT 247 Accessible Documents, writing image descriptions is a part of every project for document remediation whether PDF, Word or PowerPoint documents. But in addition, we also take on Image Description only projects, whether it is to create an image library for your organization or content for your website or textbook.

To discuss your image description needs, connect with our sales team.

Excellent service and reliable delivery of files. It's also a pleasure working with everyone on staff for billing and invoicing.

- Center for Inclusive Design and Innovation