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Head - Accessibility New Initiatives, Actively involved in formulating new ideas to create Innovative Accessible Solutions across all Disabilities.

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Why Digital Agencies Need to Care About Accessibility

  Digital Agencies today need to be keenly attuned to what their solutions are and how their services can be perceived by their customers and stakeholders — but they’ll be hard-pressed to do so if they don’t consider accessibility and inclusion.   Accessibility is the practice of designing experiences for people with visual, linguistic, auditory, […]

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Top 5 Resources to help you write better Image Descriptions

80% of our learning comes from seeing and at 247 Accessible Documents, we believe image description is a basic requirement of making documents accessible. Without alternate text or image descriptions people with disabilities would not have the same access to images as you and me. In a blog post by my colleague Leander Rodrigues, he […]


Digital Publishing – Accessibility Issues in DRM

Accessibility issues with DRM are not new but the issue becomes more noticeable when publishers start using DRM on eBooks. People who are blind or visually impaired will not be able to read an eBook if it has a DRM protection. There is no workaround for them as they depend on screen readers that need […]

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Accessible Publishing – Ensuring Equal Access to Content

Accessible Publishing ensures equal access to books, teaching material and curriculums for people with disabilities. Publishers providing books in accessible format, have the business opportunity of servicing the needs of this target audience. What is Accessible Publishing? Accessible publishing is an approach to publishing books that is designed to provide books and other texts in […]

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What is a tagged PDF?

A tagged PDF file contains metadata describing the structure of the documents and the order of the various document elements. A tagged PDF is a PDF that includes accessible markups the backend provides, but it is a logical structure that manages the reading order and the presentation of document content. Even small errors in the logical […]

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Why you need Accessible Marketing Collateral?

Marketing collateral is created to share with your customers different facets of your products, using product guides and brochures. Often these can also be downloaded from your website in the form of PDF, Excel, Word or PPT.  They help in nurturing accessible communication while providing your customers with the relevant information.  But what happens if a […]

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Why choose a PDF remediation service rather than invest in a software?

    Whether you are financial institution, healthcare industry, educational institution, government organization or any other business providing an accessible website, you should also be mindful of the PDF documents you attach to your website. The PDF documents must be accessible and must meet Section 508, WCAG 2.0 and other accessibility standards. Accessible documents allow […]

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Simplifying Accessibility Remediation of Document – Meet 247 Accessible Documents at CSUN 2019

Are you looking to provide accessible documents to your customers including people with disabilities? One of the challenges for most website owners, is making documents accessible! Whether they are brochures, white papers, annual reports, product documentation, user manuals, these all need to be accessible to people with disabilities also! If you provide a document on […]