Accessible HR Solutions

Ensure Accessible HR Documents

As an HR Professional, you surely know the significance of good documentations. The various HR documents act as a foundation not only for the HR Department but also for the business as a whole. When an organization aims to be an equal opportunity employer and believes in Diversity & Inclusion, the first basic thing that needs to be adhered is to have the HR documents in an accessible format.

At 247 Accessible Documents we believe that it is time for HR to think accessibility first.

Employees with disabilities often face challenges in an organization as they do not have access to important HR documents. Without access to these documents an employee with disability will not feel included and will have no knowledge about the company policies, vision, values and culture.

  • Employee Handbook
  • Recruitment Process Documents
  • Employment Contracts & Agreements
  • Salary & Compensation Documents
  • Job Description Documents
  • Onboarding & Exit Procedure Documents
  • Performance Appraisal Documents
  • Other Statutory Documents

247 Accessible Documents can assist you to ensure that company HR documents are accessible in the most accurate and cost effective manner and deliver: