Accessible Excel Files

Accessible Excel Files

Cost Effective and Expert Solutions to create Accessible Excel Spreadsheets.

Microsoft Excel is a handy tool when it comes to storing and organizing large amount of data. If using properly and because of its in- built features, you are at an accessibility advantage when using Microsoft Excel.

Excel files are used in:

Inventory Books


Training Manuals

Marketing Brochures

Annual Reports

Accounting & Taxation

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Documents Remediated

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How do we make Excel Files accessible?

At 247 accessible documents, we ensure that your Excel files are Section 508 compliant. We cover Document Language, Image Descriptions, Making Tables Accessible, Using the Accessibility Checker etc.

What are the techniques to make an Excel File accessible?

Some of the techniques that would be followed to make your Excel files accessible would be to:

  • Setting the Document Language
  • Providing appropriate Image Descriptions for images
  • Specify Column Header in tables
  • Creating meaningful Hyperlink<s/trong> text
  • Correct the colour contrast for textual content (optional).

What standards do we comply with Accessible Excel?

We work with the Web Content Accessibility Guideline (WCAG) 2.0, 2.1. Meeting these standards for Excel accessibility ensures that we comply to the requirements as per HHS, ADA, AODA & Section 508.

How do we ensure that the Excel file is Accessible?

At 247 Accessible Documents we take quality seriously. We work closely with your team to for a fast turnaround and cost-effective accessible Excel files remediation.

With expertise in WCAG 2.0, 2.1 we not only test with the Accessibility Checker in Excel but also ensure that a manual quality check is thoroughly implemented on the tags and the content. In addition, all our documents are tested by a Screen Reader User to ensure that it is goes beyond compliance and is usable to people with disabilities.

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