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Accessible Documents Pricing

Keeping it Simple and Easy!

No long waits to get a proposal for remediation of accessible documents! No need to count the simple or complex pages! No need to see how many complex tables or images! Upload a document and get an estimate instantly! Opt for Pay-as-you-go or Add money to your account and utilize as per your needs!

Upload a Document and receive an Accessible PDF, Accessible Word Document or an Accessible PowerPoint that meets Accessibility Standards & Guidelines 2.0 in 5* days.

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No Credit Card Required. No Obligations

Pay as you Go (USD)

  • Per PDF Page: $ 10
  • Per Word Page: $ 5
  • Per Presentation Slide: $ 5
  • Per PDF Form Page: $ 50

Add Balance

  • Get $100: Spend $100
  • Get $200: Spend $200
  • Get $525 (Additional USD 25): Spend $500
  • Get $1050 (Additional USD 50): Spend $1000

For Volume Pricing, write into

Opt for Pay-as-you-go or Add Money and utilize as per your needs!



Create sub-user accounts for team members allowing them to upload documents to be made accessible. Sub-users can utilize the available credits bought by the User account.

Centralized Billing

The User will be the primary billing point of contact and will buy credits for sub-users to utilize.

Simple Pricing

No need to check the complexity of the document or how many tables or images. Our pricing structure is simple and easy to understand. One price for all based on the document type!


We store the files for 45 days on our server. Feel free to login and access them.

Request a Modification

Our clients satisfaction is key! If you have a different view point on the accessibility implemented, request a modification within 3 days of the delivery at no extra cost.

Multiple File Uploads

Upload upto 5 files at a time through an easy user interface.

Testing by People with Disabilities

All our documents are tested by people with visual impairment using screen readers.

Customer Support

Feel free to write into

Quickly calculate the price to make your file accessible using our Pricing Calculator.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of documents do you make accessible?

At this time, we remediate PDF Files whether scanned pdfs, image pdfs, untagged pdfs or even tagged pdfs. In addition, we also make accessible Word documents whether doc or docx and PowerPoint presentations whether ppt or pptx.

What accessibility standards do you meet?

We work with the PDF techniques developed for the Web Content Accessibility Guideline 2.0. In Word and PowerPoint, we follow the accessibility best practices & techniques.

Do we have to pay extra for image descriptions?

No, there is no extra cost. We write all the image descriptions for English documents. For other languages support, you can write into

I have a different view on the accessibility of the document and want some changes. Do I have to pay extra for the changes?

At 247 Accessible Documents, we work with our customers to meet their accessibility needs. You can request a modification of the file within 3 days of the delivery and we will make the changes at no extra cost. Please ensure to ask for all the changes at one time, since we allow one modification.

Do you test with screen reader users?

Yes, all of our documents are tested by screen reader users.

I have team members who need to get documents made accessible. Does each person have to register separately?

You can register as a user and then create sub-user accounts for your team members. As the user, you can add Money and the sub-users can utilize them. Thereby all users do not have to have the authority to make payments.

I don’t want to pay every time I upload a file. Is there any other way to make the payment process easier?

Yes. We understand the payment challenges and therefor you can Add money  and utilize them as per your need.

If I Add Money, when will the Money expire?

The Money that you have bought will not expire as long as your account is active.

Who all can use the Money that I have bought?

You and all the Sub-Users created by you can use the money available.

My organization doesn’t allow credits or debit cards for payment. Is there any other payment method?

Please write into and we can setup a wire transfer or a bank payment facility.

How is the PDF document made accessible?

The uploaded PDF is first tagged, we add the image descriptions, rectify the reading order and then test the pdf before delivering the document.

Do you even make complex tables accessible in PDF documents?

Yes, we tag both simple and complex tables. We add headers and ids to ensure that tables are accessible. We ensure that tables are tested by screen reader users.

Do you make forms accessible?

Yes, we do. We make PDF form accessible and usable by screen reader users.

Before I decide to use 247AccessibleDocuments for remediation, can I get an estimate of the cost?

Yes, you surely can, please go to the Pricing Calculator to get an estimate email instantly.

How do you charge per PDF form file?

We treat a file with even one page of PDF form as a PDF Form file and we charge USD 50 Per Page. For example: If you have a 10 pages file with one page as PDF Form we will charge for 10 Pages multiplied by USD 50.