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247 Connect: Document Accessibility made easy for Enterprises

What is 247 Connect?

247 Connect provides your teams with a user-friendly way to transfer documents directly from your intranet to be made accessible as per WCAG 2.0, WCAG 2.2, PDF/UA & HHS Guidelines.

How 247 Connect Works?

Enterprise customers can create a Document Remediation shared service page on their intranet. Team members can upload documents that will then be approved by the Account Administrator.

Who is 247 Connect for?

  • Organization's that wants to ensure enterprise wide documents are accessible
  • Teams that need support to remediate documents
  • Setup a shared service for document remediation across your organization

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Why 247 Connect?

  • Have a centralized service for document remediation.
  • No longer necessary to share documents via email within your organization.
  • Upload documents without leaving your Intranet.