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Simplifying Accessibility Remediation of Document

Congratulations, you are working towards ensuring that your organisations website is accessible! Thats great news! But have you also looked at all the documents provided for users to download from the website! Are those accessible?

One of the challenges for most website owners, is making documents accessible! Whether they are brochures, white papers, annual reports, product documentation, user manuals, these all need to be accessible to people with disabilities also!

If you provide a document on the website in any of the formats whether PDF, Word file or a PowerPoint Presentation, it needs to be accessible!

The process of procuring accessible remediation services is quite a tedious process. As the person in charge of accessibility, you want to know how much remediation of a 100 page PDF document is going to cost you! You need to know the budget you can allocate for the year!

Well at 247 Accessible Documents, we have simplified the pricing method! We have one price based on the file type, you can check out our pricing page! You can even get an estimate in your mail box by using our pricing calculator.

We don’t ask you the questions like:

How many simple, complex and very complex documents do you have?
How many images in your document?
How many tables in your document?

We keep it simple at 247 Accessible Documents.

We are at ATIA 2017 & would be happy to discuss how we can support you in creating accessible documents. Do visit Booth 314.

By 247 Accessible Documents

247 Accessible Document focuses on Simplifying Document Accessibility.

It is a step towards reliable and cost-effective document remediation services for people with disabilities.

We provide a quick, easy-to-use and cost-effective solution to remediating PDF files, Word files as well as PDF and Word forms. In addition, we have significant experience with MathML, Image Description, PPT and handling OCR conversion requirements.

We have simplified the process of making documents accessible, with expertise in accessibility standards and guidelines such as Section 508, WCAG 2.0/2.1, PDF U/A, and others.